Debby Faught, from Mobile, AL, shared this from their Help-Portrait event:

We worked with Wings of Life. Wings of LIfe is a Christian, Bible-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment center located in Mobile, AL. It was absolutely a joy to bring smiles to people’s faces that day. One of the guys that sat down with me, Markeish, could not stop thanking me. Thanking me for being a light in this dark world. Thanking me for taking the time out of my busy schedule to do something like this (Help-Portrait).

The main thing I guess to take away, would be to not take my talent for granted: photography. Everyone is precious and worthy of feeling special/beautiful at least one moment of their life. The people we came into counter with on Saturday were the nicest, most grateful people I’ve ever met. They had so little, yet were so thankful for the simplest thing: a photograph.

(Debby and Grace, who helped plan the event, are pictured above)