From Muhammad Salman Bin Mohamed Khair, Ai Nghia, Quang Nam, Vietnam:

Most of us take a camera or a portrait of ourselves for granted. Conducted Help-portrait for the orphans and caretakers at Dai Loc Orphanage Centre revealed to us how excited they became to be able to get an instant polaroid film of their portrait. In gist, you never know how much a photograph means to someone until you give =)

We are a group of photographers/volunteers from National University of Singapore, carrying out a community service called “project keo.” We are here in Vietnam to actually contribute our first support of food supplies for the orphans at Dai Loc Orphanage Centre. Fortunately for us, Our visit coincides with Help-Portrait 2011! So viola!

We chose an instant polaroid film because we have delivered photos to them before and thought of doing something a little different this time. We are glad that worked!