From Nellie Quiros, Vero Beach, Florida:

Despite torrential downpours all day long, we quickly went to Plan B, which was move it inside my studio, have three sets and receive the guests from The Homeless Family Shelter who were scheduled to be transporting 2-3 families every hour. It went smoothly and I’m not sure who received more of a blessing the volunteers or the guests. Not just the ladies but little girls and boys too, gushed about the fun they had and not ever looking so beautiful while leaving the hair and makeup stations. While waiting for their portraits our guests enjoyed treats donated by many in our community, sandwiches, veggie platters, donuts, cakes and cookies, even fresh squeezed Florida orange juice! There were also activities at the arts and crafts station where guests were found making Christmas ornaments. The best part was hearing the bus driver before he was leaving with the last of the guests say, “I wish you could be in this bus listening to what these folks are saying as I drive away to take them back. This has made them feel so good and it’s brought so much joy to them, especially the children. Thank you for doing this.”

This little boy had his hair “done” and was overjoyed to wear his button down and jacket. When asked by his mom what it had all made him feel like inside, he said, with big ole tears in his eyes… “Happy”!