From Henry Lingat, Seattle, WA:

The most impactful story and how it touched us, was from the note one of the guests wrote on the copy of the portrait. “Having been homeless in Seattle, people have given me a lot of thing, but this is the first gift I will keep forever.” We spent time with all of our guests, talking and sharing stories..but to see the note written on this portrait. It literally stopped the entire team in it’s tracks… we gave hope…we gave hope.

This is a behind-the-scenes look at one of the guests at the Dec. 10 Help-Portrait event in Seattle. This clip shows John going through the portrait session with photographer Ernie Sapiro, then to photo editing, and ultimately writing a note on one of the portraits. …”This is a gift that I will keep forever.” –with Nathan Pleskoff, Stacy Melton Pleskoff, Ernie Sapiro, Erin Kohlenberg, Paul Wallace, Daniel Gregory, Sheri Neville and Linda Beckelman