From Wade MacPherson, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada:

The night before the event, a maintenance worker at the library where we held our event was just escorting us out the back after setting up all the equipment. He started thanking us for what we were doing, speaking volumes about how it’s nice that somebody is willing to do something. He went on to mention that he sees poverty at its worst in and around the downtown library, and the biggest thing is to remember that these people still have dignity. They’re human beings – he told us what we were doing helps to restore some of that dignity in the largest of ways. He mentioned that it’s possible, that just maybe, something like this might give somebody a little a motivation to take another shot, or start changing certain things… and with others, its an opportunity to look at your family and be proud of what you’ve raised.

His plain and simple expression of how appreciated the movement is really brought it home for all the us photographers, that live either middle class or higher and really don’t know what it means to have everything taken away.