From Jaclyn Boutwell, Houston, TX:

We saw this lady walking down the street. I ran outside and asked her if we could do her picture. She said “Please don’t, I’m so ugly. I don’t want a picture of myself.” I told her we had hair and make up people and promised she’d feel good about the way she looks. She tried so hard not to smile because she only had 6 or 7 teeth. After her make up was finished and she saw herself, she had the biggest smile and just cried! She kept saying “I’m so beautiful!” The entire room was weeping.

It was so amazing to watch her transform like that. She said she’s never worn make up before and no one has ever touched her face like that. She felt special. Once she sat down for pictures she could see them coming up on the computer screen. She was saying “I look like a model!” She couldn’t write so she asked me to write on her portrait for her. She wanted the world to know that because of Help-Portrait, she got to see a side of herself that she’s never seen before. It’s the first time she’s ever felt beautiful! That moment, made the entire event and all the leg work more than worth it. It was an unbelievable experience.

It’s impossible to explain the joy on both sides of the camera. People need to experience it to see just how impacting a simple picture can be. It’s more than their basic necessities. Sure, they need food and clothes. But everyone deserves to be loved and to feel beautiful.