From Katherine Payne, Denver, CO:

Our first year 3 years ago, we were at St. Francis Center for the Homeless. This being our 3rd year we have had several return guests. This year, we had a gentleman who was photographed the first year and was so thrilled to have his images again, however; he had lost his first year’s print. We are going to go into our archives and get him a copy of that first year print.

We also had a young couple who just were married and they too are homeless, and this was their “first” photograph together.

We had a little boy who had a long chat with Santa (We provided Santa for a second year now), this little guy made a point to tell Santa before he left with his Grandma, “Now Santa, don’t forget those presents OK????”

There are countless stories from all the guests, Paul Mitchell sent 10 students to our event this year and several of the women had never had their hair and makeup done before.

Here is the link for the Denver Post coverage with a few pictures that were posted.