We’re continuing our series today from the Help-Portrait volunteer staff. We want to (re)introduce ourselves and talk about what we’re getting excited about for this year’s Help-Portrait event. Today, our fabulous publicist, Lori Mahon.

What I do for HP:

I tell the stories of Help-Portrait to the media. I love sharing the stories with the local and national media to spread the word about H-P each year. In 2009, seeing CNN cover H-P and share the heart behind it was one of the greatest honors of my career.

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Help-Portrait event?

Each year has been different so far – so I think the anticipation is one of the most exciting parts – wondering what stories we’ll hear, who will be impacted and how many lives could be changed by this simple idea. There is so much hard work on the behalf of everyone that participates in Help-Portrait that I look forward to seeing the hard work pay off the day of the event. The highlight is seeing the stories flood in on our website — we can sit for hours and just read the account of the events with many tissues!

Got a lead for coverage? Email Lori.