Christine Elizabeth is a photographer in Omaha, NE, and serves as Help-Portrait’s Social Media Manager. She’s done a great job spreading the word about Help-Portrait, and today she shares a sweet story about friends of hers who are doing unique things to give back the community and give some special kids positive attention in her hometown in Nebraska.

Presley Poor, photo by Christine Elizabeth

I am blessed to be surrounded by people who understand the spirit of Help-Portrait and who are excited to serve others in their own way. One little girl recently organized her very own event at one of our Help-Portrait 2010 Omaha venues!

One of the amazing things, as we wrap up Help-Portrait 2010, is to see that the desire to serve others is present all year round. I was so excited to hear how one little girl organized her very own event because, as her mother, Angela Poor, said, “She wanted to show some love.” Angela was a team leader at one of our Help-Portrait 2010 Omaha venues, and her daughter is following right along in her footsteps.

Presley Poor is 9 years old, and is already finding ways to make her ideas turn into realities so that she can bless other kids. She had the idea to have a pizza party and paint T-shirts with the children from a local emergency shelter, Omaha’s Lydia House, and she asked relatives and passed out flyers until she had the resources to make it happen. She raised money for T-shirts and art supplies, and talked to a local store about donating cupcakes. Greg, her father helped out by donating the pizza. Angela said that many of the children were wearing their T-shirts by the end of the day, and it seemed that they had a great time.

Even at her young age, Presley is excited about helping other people and making them feel special. She already raised funds two other times with a lemonade stand for another local shelter, and friendship bracelets, which raised money for a girl with cancer. She has her next event planned out, and is already organizing a trip to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo for the children from the Lydia House. She is already looking for volunteers and donations to help her rent limousines, and provide sack lunches and even some money for souvenirs.

You can see the local news story here.

We’re happy to use this blog as a platform to share how others are giving and serving. Have someone we should talk about? Let us know!