Let’s make some waves on CNN by creating and uploading CNN iReports online from Help-Portrait events around the world.

Here’s how to do it.

At your local event, capture a compelling brief video or photo(s) or so of what’s happening. Give an overview of your event and interview an organizer or participant about what the day has meant to them (don’t forget to get release forms signed).

Upload your report here:

http://ireport.cnn.com/ (click “Upload” in the navigation)

You’ll be asked to register. Check your e-mail and click the link to confirm your membership.

Now you’re ready to fill out information about your report and upload the files.

Include a title for your work (Example: Help-Portrait Central Florida Gives Back)

You’ll be asked to assign your report a category. We suggest “Breaking News.”

Tell them about what you’re sending. Here’s an example that you can tweak for your own event:

Help-Portrait Central Florida is part of a worldwide event today, Dec. 4, where the photography community gives back to local communities by giving photos instead of taking them. http://helpportrait.wpengine.com

Try to include details about how many volunteers you have there and how many participants you have coming through the doors.

Add the story location and date along with the description of the event.

In the tags section, make sure to include “Help-Portrait” as a tag.

• You may upload up to 10 files at one time.
• Maximum size for each file: 600 MB
• They support most image, video and audio formats.

Okay … let’s get started and make some noise on CNN!