Being an official non-profit has come with a lot of regulations and changes that we didn’t have to abide by in 2009. After all, in the beginning, we just thought we had a good idea. We never dreamed that it would become an official non-profit with a board, IRS and other government regulations. But, we’re here and we’re fully embracing where we’re at, because after all, you all are pretty amazing.

That being said, in the beginning a bunch of you registered domain names and activated social media profiles using Help-portrait, or a variation of it (help-portrait, helpportrait, hp, etc). If you are one of those people, we need you to add one or both of the following disclaimers on your site and profile in a place where people can see it easily.

Website Disclaimer

Help-Portrait {city, state/province, country – ( is an independent group of volunteers who are participating in the worldwide Help-Portrait, Inc. movement to give portraits away to the underprivileged. This is not an officially sponsored Help-Portrait, Inc site, and is not managed by Help-Portrait, Inc.  The opinions and views expressed on this website do not reflect those of Help-Portrait, Inc. ( HELP-PORTRAIT®  name and logo are registered trade marks of Help-Portrait, Inc. Used by permission only.

Social Media Disclaimer

Opinions & views expressed here do not reflect those of Help-Portrait, Inc.

Thanks for your help and cooperation.