Ritz/Wolf Camera has offered the Help-Portrait Community the opportunity to have a 50% discount on prints that are printed either through the online store or directly in the store. Ritz/Wolf does offer one hour printing and you can also have your photographs sent to you via mail. We will be sending out an email in the next few days with the coupon code as well as an actual PDF coupon that can be redeemed in-store.

Here are the different sizes and prices of each print with the 50% discount:

4×6 – $0.14
5×7 – $0.90
6×8 – $0.90

Ritz/Wolf Camera has also offered on-site printer options to H-P locations that have a Ritz/Camera retail store in the area. If there is store located near your event, email printing@help-portrait.com with the following information: details about your event including: location, distance to a Ritz Camera location, number of photographers planned to be at your venue, and contact information of the organizer.

If you do have an on-site printer, Ritz will also send a store associate with the printer to help with set up, take down, troubleshooting and any other issues. You will still have to pay for the prints that are printed on this on-site printer, but you will receive the 50%.