Need some inspiration as you prepare for this year’s Help-Portrait event? Check out these beautiful quotes following last year’s event:

“It’s like a new beginning,” she said. “It’s going to be a pretty special photo for us.” – Jennifer Clavel, Help-Portrait subject

“This portrait represents where I’m going, not where I’ve been.” – Phillip Jackovich, Help-Portrait subject

“One of the ladies at Help-Portrait today cried the entire time I took her photo. I said, ‘Are those happy tears?’ She said, ‘Yes very happy!’” – Millie Holloman – Help-Portrait Photographer, Wilmington, NY

“Today was the one of the best days I have had as a photographer and as a human being.” – Kwame Reed, Photographer, Brentwood, CA

“Our Help-Portrait event was the most fulfilling experience of my entire life. I’m a 17-year-old senior in High School in Florida, and my teacher and I decided to organize our event at a low-income housing facility in an impoverished part of our town. I have never been more proud or more humbled to be a part of a project so fantastic.” – Rachael Hulme, Fort Pierce, FL

“Thank you. That’s all, just thank you.” – Greg Needham, Key West, FL

“My heart has been moved beyond words because you have put your vision into action and created a global opportunity to serve others through photography.” – Allison Fancher, Lockport, NY

“Words cannot describe.” – Kim Pace, Ronkonkoma, NY

“This experience was undeniably one of the greatest things I have EVER been involved with.” – Mary Downer, Portland, OR

“Today cultural borders were crossed on one side of the camera and competitive borders on the other.” – Jeremy Cowart, Help-Portrait Founder

“Poverty steals a lot of things, like your home and car and food, but it also steals something on the inside. Help-Portrait feeds that something on the inside.” – Annie Downs, Help-Portrait Events Coordinator

“I am the Director of a Homeless Youth Shelter in Las Vegas and we were participants in this year’s event. I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity. The youth felt like stars for the day and their self esteem increased more than I can explain. They were stars for the day (even though they are stars every day to me). The hair and make-up artists and photographers were just AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so much again as words cannot begin to explain how appreciative and fortunate we were to be involved in this event.” – Kelly Robson