Get to know the volunteer staff of Help-Portrait through our new “Meet the Team” page. Click on the photos on the page for more info about each person, including what they love about Help-Portrait and why they volunteer their time to it.

Amy Stanfield, Community Administrator: “Getting to be a part of something much bigger than myself. Deepening community. Opportunity to love and act on kindness.”

Annie Downs, Events Coordinator: “I enjoy emailing with photographers and volunteers from around the world and I love being able to hear, first hand, how events are working out. I love you H-P people. I can’t even help it.”

Christine Elizabeth, Social Media: “Making people feel beautiful! Fave memory from last year was watching a 13 yr old girl run across the room to hug her freshly-styled mom, yelling, ‘Mom, you’re BEAUTIFUL!'”

Jeremy Cowart, Founder: “As the founder, my favorite thing is to connect all the dots… to piece together so many creative people in so many different industries coming together to collaborate for an amazing cause.”

Kyle Chowning, Executive Director: “As someone who isn’t a photographer, it’s been amazing to see both professionals and amateurs, come together to use their skills to give back.”

Trey Bowles, Marketing: “I love that Help-Portrait provides a way for photographers to use their skills and talents to facilitate interaction in community and give back to those in their local environments.”

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