As you may have seen on Press Release section of the Help-Portrait web site, Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image has come along side Help-Portrait as a sponsor in a desire to help photographers with their H-P events across the country this year.

Here are some of the details of our partnership:

Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image has been kind enough to offer “Buy One Get One Free Printing” for the event this year. Essentially, we will send you a special online code that you can use and input at the Ritz Camera’s online website called RitzPix.  Simply input this code and it will give you the discount. The way this works, for example, is if you wanted to buy 50 photos from the Ritz Pix web site you would get 25 of those pictures for free.   Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image is also going to provide a hard copy coupon that can be redeemed in store at a Ritz Camera Retail location. To find a retail location close to you, please look here:

If you would like to receive the special Help-Portrait COUPON CODE or an actual printable COUPON provided by Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image, join the Help Portrait Community and we will send out an email to you with the information soon*.

*Please note that these coupon codes and printable coupon information is for the sole use of photographers for the Help-Portrait project and are not to be used for personal or other professional projects. Since Ritz Camera has been so kind to offer this to us, let’s honor them by not abusing the privilege.

If there is a Ritz Camera location in your area, you can send your photos to the retail location and pick up your photos in an hour or a little more. If there is not a retail location close to your event, you can have the pictures shipped to you… If you get the photos submitted by 11am the photos can be sent to you the next day, but if the pictures are submitted after 11 am it will be two days until you received them.

If you are in a market that has a Ritz Camera Retail Location and you have a large event with multiple photographers, Ritz may be able to even bring out a few printers to your location (this is obviously based upon availability and location to your event venue).  A Ritz Camera employee will need to come out a day before the event to help set up the printer and make sure everything is working well. In order to find out if there is a local Ritz Camera that is able to provide your event with an on-site printer, please send the details about your event including: location, distance to a Ritz Camera location, number of photographers planned to be at your venue, and contact information of the organizer to

Another great benefit that Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image is offering to photographers through this sponsorship is the opportunity to get a FREE MEMBERSHIP to the Ritz Camera FOTO CLUB. If you would like to be a member of the Ritz Camera Foto Club, please send your name, email address, mailing address, and your phone number to the Ritz Camera Foto Club Team.

Thanks again to Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image for participating in Help-Portrait for this year and offering these great benefits to the Help-Portrait Community