Hey everyone! We’re excited to announce that Help-Portrait is going to be doing a partnership this holiday season with creativeLIVE! creativeLIVE is a FREE Online Worldwide Educational Platform. They reached out to us this year and asked if they could help spread the word and raise more awareness. So starting next week, our founder, Jeremy Cowart, is going to be doing weekly telephone broadcasts via creativeLIVE, answering your questions. These broadcasts will be shown live every Tuesday from now, until December 4th and they each will last for 1 hour. So please be thinking and let us know if you have any questions. The dates and topics will be as follows:

Help-Portrait creative Live

November 9th: “Find Someone in Need” (Jeremy and Team will be answering questions related to this topic… how to find non-profits, etc.)

November 16th: “Take Their Portrait” (All the logistics that go into the events… volunteers, photographers, locations, etc.)

November 23rd: “Print Their Portrait” (Ritz/Wolf Partnerships, Printing Donations, Printing Stations, etc.)

November 30th: “And Deliver Them” (Framing Stations, Donations and all other questions)

Our goal is to continue spreading the word about Help-Portrait to as many photographers as possible because we believe that the more photographers participating, the more lives will be affected in a positive way this December. That being said, we believe CreativeLive is the most powerful and relevant platform to spread our message.

On December 4th, we’re going to be broadcasting Help-Portrait live via creativeLIVE in Seattle! So while you’re running your event, you can check in if you want, but no pressure. We want you to be focusing on the people you’re serving first and foremost. But it will be there if you’d like to tune in. Jeremy will be in Seattle shooting an event with Chase Jarvis and crew and he will also be checking in with other locations around the world to see how everyone’s events are going. This will be a great way to establish even more connection throughout the Help-Portrait community and if your event doesn’t land on December 4th, then you can sit back and watch live if you prefer.

creativeLIVE, by definition, is an educational platform. So they have also asked Jeremy personally to do 2 days of Photography teaching leading up to the Help-Portrait event on December 2nd and 3rd. In the same vein as Help-Portrait, Jeremy is doing a nationwide casting call for people needing a professional photoshoot. He’s specifically looking for models who maybe never got their fair shot, or never could afford a real photoshoot. We’re hoping to really help someone get on their feet with this photoshoot and in the meantime, the rest of the world will get to see Jeremy teach about lighting, composition and working with subjects.

See Jeremy’s Official Announcement Video below:

We’re very excited about this announcement! Please let us know if you have any questions!

The Help-Portrait Team