We know there are some of you who have signed up at the COMMUNITY SITE, started a group for your city or town, and you are the only photographer around.

For starters, just because you are the FIRST one to sign up on the community site in your area doesn’t mean you are the only one! Recruit other photographers or friends that you know and get them to join as well. Make sure you start a group at the community site so that any other photographers who join at a later date will be able to join up with you.

But- if you really are the only one- Is it still possible to have a Help-Portrait event on 04 December 2010 (or any day) if you are alone?


Here are a couple of ideas for you if you are the only one:

  • Contact a local hospital. There is probably a children’s wing, or children’s hall that you could easily photograph in a day. You could then get the photos printed quickly and return them to the nurse/contact person to have the portraits delivered.
  • Contact a community center in your area. Explain Help-Portrait and see if they would be willing for you to photograph the people in the community center on Saturday, 12.12.09.
  • Contact a local boys or girls club. Check with the contact person to see if there would need to be permission from the parents, but this could also be a cool gift for the kids to take home to their parents!
  • Feel free to recruit friends or neighbors to go along with you. Even if they aren’t a photographer, it would probably be helpful to have a second person with you to keep up with who has been photographed, etc.
  • Photograph people around you. There may be people who need portraits that live very close to you- maybe even your neighbors! So think about people that you know- helping people in your own community is great.

If you are going to do this project alone, we think that is awesome! Just make sure you are in a safe place and have a contact person that you are in communication with at the local non-profit organization.