Looking for Someone to Photograph My Family Sacramento 2014

//Looking for Someone to Photograph My Family Sacramento 2014
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    my name is Keely Miller and I would love it if my family could have our portrait done on “Help Portrait Sacramento 2014”. My children and I all suffer from various similar disabilities. I am diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and other unrelated health conditions. My 12 year old daughter, Jessica, was just diagnosed with Mitochondrial Myopathy, and the specialists suspect I have it and passed it down to all my children. My daughter and I are in wheelchairs. I would loved our picture done, as we haven’t been able to afford to have them done in many years, due to medical expenses, and all it costs to raise our special needs family. We actually don’t have a family portrait with my youngest son in it, because he was the most affected at birth, but is doing well due to all his therapies, and money became very tight. My health has rapidly been deteriorating and I would love to have a family portrait done for memories sake. If you could direct us to someone who may help us, I would be so appreciative. I looked for a Help Portrait Sacramento 2014 Facebook page, but cannot find one. I did FB message the main Help-Portrait FB website and they contacted me back and suggested I post here and someone might be able to photograph us. I posted in the Sacramento Help-Portrait Sacramento Community Page, but it looks like no one has posted there since 2012.

    My e-mail addy is: bouncypouncy2003@yahoo.com. My home number is 916-706-2710. You can actually send texts to this number, as I have lost my ability to speak recently. I use a communication app to speak for me now and communicate through texts. Thank you for all you do for families and your time. You are truly a blessing.


    Keely Miller

  • iggy11
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    What kind of disability experienced by your family, if I am allowed to know in advance before my visit at your place

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  • bunga44
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    Please tell me the cause of your family to experience a wide variety of the same defect. Is it possible to become you and your husband ever sin?

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  • shiren33
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    I was also looking for people who photographed my family Sacremento. He is a professional photographer

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  • niaagustin
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    thanks for your informations

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