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  • Lynn Rutz
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    This is our first event, and we’re wondering how to handle hair and makeup, logistics, time it takes, how to set it up–all of that business. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  • Bruce Johnson
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    Should be about ten-15 mins at most in H&M. don’t have time for the full glamor shot, but a quick fix up. Although, some will take longer and some will be shorter. Just keep it moving as best you can, it their day.
    We’re trying a new setup this year with the “studio’s” back to back 4 total. A few feet in front of that will be editing tables, with the H&M tables in front of that. Think “T” shape. Editing would be at the top, H&M along both sides. This shape will help keep cords under the tale and less likly for anyone to trip over.

    Hope that helps.

    Bruce Johnson

  • William Vaughan
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    First send a letter with the help portrait logo on the letter asking for the hair stylist, make-up artist to volunteer for your event. Specify date, time and location. Ask them for a specific amount of time.. i.e. two hours or 8 people. Wait one week then approach them personally. Do not call them! Be honest with them and if they turn you down kindly thank them and reply with a personal letter thanking them for their time. (hit em up again next year and they will most likely volunteer)

    You will need to determine how many people you are going to photograph and determine how many hair stylist and make up artist you will need… rule of thumb to follow is 15 minutes per person. limit if you can your stylists and make up artists to 8-12 people. Most will volunteer for two hours. provide a space of 10×10 for each with electricity.

    Hope this helps

  • niaagustin
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