H-P Scotland: ‘The prints are almost secondary’

From Brian Muir, Scotland:

We set up a team in Ayr, Scotland, two years ago and have some incredible volunteers on photography, process and printing, hair, makeup as well as folks who come along to help with catering, to chat and befriend; we even have teenagers and children volunteers who come along to play with the […]

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Blow Out Sale! 60% off Apparel & 25% off Merch

We’re running a blow-out sale on our store right now. All of our best H-P merch is up to 60% off while supplies last. By purchasing from the store, you are not only supporting the future of Help-Portrait, but you are becoming an advocate for the movement. When you wear your gear, you help us spread the word […]

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Portrait Recipient Becomes Photographer

Rebecca Bartlett, Wilmington, DE, USA

The most amazing moment of the day came late in the afternoon when one of the photographers was outside speaking to a young woman walking down the street. She had no intentions on getting her portrait done that day. This young lady came in alone and nervous. She was very soft […]

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Explanation of our invite to “unsubscribe”

If you’re a member of the Help-Portrait community site, last week you were sent an email inviting you to unsubscribe. In hindsight, we should have explained our intentions more thoroughly. This post is intended to give you some context for that email.

This year, we celebrate our fifth year of doing Help-Portrait global events. Wow, five […]

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Help-Portrait Featured in NADA Advertising’s 30 Days of Inspiration

We are honored to be featured for the first day of NADA Advertising’s 30 Days of Inspiration.  Check out the post and see which Help-Portrait story they featured here!

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Submit a Story

Your perspective is invaluable. Help us deepen what we offer on this website by submitting a post. Your name, group location and community link will be shared. Here are the guidelines to give you a framework:

Posts must be at least 300 words (400-600 preferred).
Posts may appear elsewhere but should be catered to the Help-Portrait audience.
Images […]

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To the Ends of the Earth

Sasha Leahovcenco, Sacramento, CA:

Two years ago I had the amazing opportunity to go literally to the end of the earth to photograph people who never had their photo taken.

At schools, churches, homes and hospitals I could give people a moment to forget their troubles and just smile for the camera. But while shooting with nomadic […]

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Thanks for Supporting Hurricane Sandy Campaign

Although it’s been nearly four months since Hurricane Sandy viciously swept through the East Coast, its path of destruction continues to haunt the families touched by it.

We remember how we all felt after seeing the images of flooded subways, destroyed homes and distraught communities.

And we remember the moment we realized we had the power to […]

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‘It’s difficult to label who’s the giver or the receiver’

Isabel Goncalves, Portugal
Help-Portrait Lisboa

This amazingly beautiful experience in December 2012 has not been my first experience of volunteering with Help-Portrait, and though it was a tremendous success, I do not dare to say it has been the richer. I boldly say it was RICHLY, as RICHLY was the previous and as RICHLY all the ones […]

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A Shift for the Help-Portrait Blog

We began the Help-Portrait blog with the goal to provide updates, tips & tricks about planning your event and to share the stories that come from them.

But now we’re thinking it’s high time to just open up this platform to you, the Help-Portrait community. Below is information about becoming a contributor to this blog. Thank […]

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