Help-Portrait Merch 25% Off through Friday

Have you gotten your Help-Portrait T-Shirt yet?  No?  Well, it’s not too late!

Tuesday through Friday all merch is 25% off.

Already bought your shirt?  Pick up an accessory to go with it, or buy a Christmas gift for a friend or family member!

Make sure others don’t miss out on the sale by sharing the link on […]

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Cyber Monday Sale – 40% off merch MONDAY ONLY

Monday only! 40% off ALL MERCH in the Help-Portrait store. Now’s the time to stock up on shirts for your team, or give HP gear as gifts. Proceeds from sales goes toward funding Help-Portrait operating costs and future events.

Tell a friend!

The sale starts at 7/6c Monday morning!

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‘Feel like a new woman’

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‘The first gift I’ll keep forever’

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Help-Portrait #5 is almost here! Here’s what you need to know.

We can’t tell you how excited we are to see Help-Portrait roll around, because this is our 5th year! This is a huge milestone for our community, which spans 67 countries now!

We know you’ve been planning, fundraising and organizing in anticipation for Dec. 7. Thank you for your level of dedication, teamwork and compassion. Once […]

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‘I’m whole new person’

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Help-Portrait Vancouver: the complete opposite of a ‘selfie’ highlights Help-Portrait Vancouver.

“Help-Portrait Vancouver is the complete opposite of a ‘selfie.’”

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The perfect Christmas gift

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‘I dream of being a makeup artist’

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‘Time to be happy’

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