‘Willing Generosity and Beaming Faces’ – Federal Way, WA

I am not a photographer, make up artist or hair stylist, but I know many people who are. I am a personal trainer/fitness instructor. One of the groups I train consists of mentally and physically handicapped adults. When I heard about the project, I thought it would be really cool to see who I could […]

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‘No Catch’ – Flagstaff, AZ

I was walking a family to the portrait studio, and the wife asked me if it was photography students who run the shoots. I said “no, they are all professional photographers.” She asked me why they were doing this for free, and I said “because it’s the holidays, and because why not.” She didn’t appear […]

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‘After a few hours, I understood completely’ – Philadelphia, PA

At first, I wasn’t quite sure how taking someone’s picture could help them. After a few hours at the event, I understood completely.

Most of the people in the pictures below shared their incredible stories with me. From massive weight loss to overcoming various struggles, each subject was proud of something they’d accomplished. One gentleman was […]

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‘They’ll Never Forget How It Felt to Give’ – Glens Falls, NY

I am a high school photography teacher in Queensbury, NY, upstate. I had students volunteer to be part of Help-Portrait at The Open Door Mission in Glens Falls, NY, this was our second year there. As a teacher, the best part is seeing the impact the event has on the students. Several of them were […]

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‘Light that Sparkles through the Cracks’ – Las Vegas, NV

Each December for the last five years, Las Vegas photographers, make-up artists, hair dressers and other generous local businesses head down to the Shannon West Homeless Youth Center to take portraits of the teens residing at the center. It’s the kids special day to forget about life’s hardships in their young lives and to get […]

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‘Precious Ladies’ – San Francisco, CA

Guillaume Desachy, San Francisco, CA:

On Saturday I was part of the +Help-Portrait day and more specifically the one organized by First Exposures in San Francisco, an organization which is helping under-served kids to learn photography. Each kid is a mentee who has a mentor assigned. They meet every Saturday morning and the mentors teach their […]

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‘Through the Lens of Kindness’ – Dayton, OH

While there were countless smiles in front of the camera, there were just as many behind it.  I was so impressed with all the volunteers–eager to be a part of giving back.  There was an energy in the room–I felt like I was part of something big, something that brought a new kind of joy […]

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NPR Features Help-Portrait

NPR has a great piece on their homepage today on Help-Portrait day around the world this past weekend, and featuring an event in working-class neighborhood of Shanghai.



Read: “For Working-Class Chinese, ‘Picture Day’ Is A Rare Treat”


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‘Not Camera-Shy Anymore’ – Harrisburg, PA

Yvette was camera-shy, no photo in years. Her words “not camera-shy anymore!” Very thankful for her!
-Timothy Lawrence, Harrisburg, PA

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‘The Smiles of Grateful Children’ – Colombia

This is the third year that I led this inspiring movement in my country (Colombia), in this case we did 81 portraits for children in need form an institution called “Hogares Club Michín” in Bogotá, in the event participated six photographers (Germán Ruiz, Cristian Rojas, Alexander Gomez, Miguel Angel Monroy, Lisandro Pérez and Luis G. […]

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