World Photography Day

It's World Photography Day! According to, its origins go back to Aug. 19, 1839, when the French government announced the invention of the Daguerreotype, a photographic process developed by Louis Daguerre, as a gift “Free to the World.” Learn more about the history of photography at Wikipedia. (Creative Commons photo: Detail of Boulevard du [...]

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‘Charity is an incredible bargain’ -Seth Godin

This post by Seth Godin talks about the nature of giving, and how the intangible rewards earned from giving outweigh the investment. I think this sums up what we hear so often at Help-Portrait from volunteers and photographers who give their time and talent at the event each year. Here's one example: "Everyone has something [...]

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The Evolution of Humanitarian Photography

Our friends at Halogen TV have a post up today featuring a panel of six humanitarian photographers discussing the role and evolution of the genre. Tony Cece, Gary S. Chapman, Rhys Harper, Douglas Klostermann, Bryan Watt and Kasper Nybo talk about recent innovations and challenges. They answer "How has humanitarian photography evolved over the last [...]

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Help us spread the word about Help-Portrait

2011 marks the third year for Help-Portrait. What started as an idea way back in 2008 has grown into an international movement that has had more momentum than we ever expected. We can't say it enough...thank you! As we begin to prepare for the December 10, 2011 event, the Help-Portrait team is busy securing new merchandise, [...]

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Wendell Berry: Inspiring Places

The current issue of Garden & Gun (Aug./Sept. 2011) includes a feature about Wendell Berry, a prolific American writer who was awarded the National Humanities Medal in March by U.S. President Barack Obama. Berry, who has more than 50 books of poetry, fiction and nonfiction to his credit, is known for his connection to place [...]

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Eudora Welty: The Meaning of a Photograph

There's a fantastic photo book published in 1993 featuring the work of Eudora Welty - mostly known for her fiction. (Her first published short story was "Death of a Traveling Salesman" in 1936.) Eudora Welty Photographs shows how she documented life in the South during the Great Depression. The introduction of the book features an [...]

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Fears vs. Dreams

What's your biggest fear? What's your greatest dream? These are the two questions Help-Portrait founder Jeremy Cowart and a group of friends asked while on a road trip across the country. "The result was magical," writes author Donald Miller on his blog. "The greatest stories are lived in the desert," Miller writes. "The great lives [...]

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Help-Portrait and Jeremy Cowart in RELEVANT magazine

Help-Portrait and its founder, Jeremy Cowart, are highlighted in the current issue of RELEVANT magazine (July/August 2011). In the interview, Cowart talks about why Help-Portrait came about, plus: Christians and art, giving back, and what it takes to create a good image today. "It's a unique, special opportunity to be in front of the camera," [...]

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Behind the Scenes of Help-Portrait Lisbon

Name: Ana Rita Ramos Role: Co-organizer of the event Date: 25-26 June 2011  Location: Lisbon, Portugal How the event came about: We wanted to organize a volunteer event that had related to what we stand for Ginkgo, the magazine where I work, particularly in this European Year of Volunteering. How many people served: 65 Highlight from the [...]

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36 Million Refugees Worldwide

There are 36 million refugees who live in camps worldwide. Half of them are children.   Today is World Refugee Day, and we stand in solidarity, but also in action. Here are a variety of ways you make a difference in the lives of those who are forced to flee their homelands due [...]

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