H-P 2011: Founder Jeremy Cowart

We’re beginning a series today from the Help-Portrait volunteer staff. We want to (re)introduce ourselves and talk about what we’re getting excited about for this year’s Help-Portrait event. First up, our visionary, Jeremy Cowart.

What I do for HP:

I’m the founder and main idea person I guess. The rest of the crew is way more […]

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Join the National Call-in Day to Pass Anti-Trafficking Legislation in the U.S.

Next Thursday, Sept. 8, join the folks at International Justice Mission in a national call-in day to encourage legislators to pass the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act – bi-partisan legislation to sustain life-saving programs that fight human trafficking at home and abroad. Their goal is to generate 3,000 calls from all 50 states in the […]

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Responding to Hurricane Irene

The effects of Hurricane Irene are mounting in the New England states, as flood waters rise and millions go without electricity. Although Irene’s devastation is on a smaller scale than Katrina, 41 people have died so far from Sunday’s storm.

Halogen TV has compiled a list of nonprofits who are responding to the disaster, including: […]

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Who Would You Give a Second Chance?

People of the Second Chance is a community all about loving the unlovable. In a new poster series, they look at 25 well-known historical, current and fictional characters who are believed to have harmed society – and ask – would you give them a second chance? The campaign, consisting of digital and printed posters and […]

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Caitlin Crosby’s The Giving Keys

Yesterday we featured a video from U.S. actress and singer Caitlin Crosby’s debut album Flawz, which came out in 2009. The album centered around a campaign to help people to embrace their flaws and to find common ground with others because of them. On her site,, you can upload photos and videos celebrating what […]

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Beautifully Flawed

“We impress people with our supposed perfections, but we connect with each other in our flaws.” -Donald Miller

In a recent blog post, author Donald Miller talks about about no matter how much we change, we still feel like that rejected kid with whatever fill-in-the-blank shortcomings we had (or still have). Learning to love our flaws […]

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Photographer Andrew Zuckerman’s Talk on Creative Projects

This 27-minute talk by award-winning photographer Andrew Zuckerman at the 99% Conference is a fantastic case study on the process of creative work. In it, he share about lessons learned from his WISDOM project, in which he interviewed and photographed “elders” around the world, including Chuck Close, Bill Withers, Jane Goodall, Frank Gehry, Massimo Vignelli, […]

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A Way to Help East African Famine Victims

Here are some ways you can help:

Led by the Somali community, the Neighbors Initiative is a relief effort in partnership with the American Refugee Committee. Somalis are not waiting for handouts; they are leading the relief efforts on the front lines and abroad, working toward a better future for Somalia.

Donate to the Neighbors Initiative.
If you […]

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Lost Photos of Joplin

More than 27,000 photos buried or blown away in the Joplin tornado now sit in a church room where volunteers sift, sort and clean them. Angela Walters, a genealogist in Oklahoma, posts nearly 1,000 of them a week on her Facebook page – the Lost Photos of Joplin. Nearly 500 photos, spanning more than […]

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Meet Rachel!

Rachel is working as our new project coordinator and we’re so happy to have her on board. She’s going to be helping us oversee our merchandise, video and website work, plus much more. She’s a photographer and newlywed living in Franklin, TN. Here’s a little more about her.

Who I am: Hi there! I’m […]

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