H-P Story of the Day: Bosnia

"I decided to have a theme titled 'I have a dream' at the daily center Pomirenje in Zenica, Bosnia," says Dijana Muminovic (pictured to the left at the event). The center has 40 kids, some who do not have parents and others with a single parent who live below poverty, and most spend their time [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Brazil

"I think the most impactful story was the story of all the people, as a group. They never had the opportunity of having people showing this much of care, showing they matter this much. It was really beautiful to see how something so simple and so ordinary for us meant that much for those people. [...]

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Help-Portrait 2012 Announcement

As most of you know, our permanent date is now the second weekend each December so it's close enough to Christmas but a good space away from the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving. Therefore, the date for this coming year will be... 08 December 2012 Mark your calendars and start planning early! If you've made arrangements [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Roanoke

"We discovered that one of our beauty technicians (volunteering from a local technical college) participated in Help-Portrait last year as a subject when she was a resident in the shelter where our event took place. She has now been living in her own apartment for almost a year and was excited to give back to [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: China

We're poring over the incredible quotes and stories you've shared with us on the post-event form report and contacting some of you about posting them here. In this new series, "H-P Story of the Day," we'll be sharing a quote, story and sometimes a photo from 2011 Help-Portrait events around the world. Let us know [...]

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First Help-Portrait Indonesia shares beautiful behind-the-scenes shots of the first ever Help-Portrait Indonesia. Recipients of the photos were 170 girls aged from 6-18 and 10 others from an all-girl orphanage in Jakarta. More than 50 volunteers made the day possible, chronicled in this personal essay.

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Help-Portrait on U.S. edition featured Help-Portrait on its homepage, with a look at several Help-Portait events and participants, including Luanne Dietz, a photojournalist and middle school photography teacher in St. Petersburg, Florida, and blogger Karen Lim, who recently traveled to Swaziland to capture portraits in an underprivileged local community. See the full coverage here: "Photographers to [...]

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