To the Ends of the Earth

Sasha Leahovcenco, Sacramento, CA: Two years ago I had the amazing opportunity to go literally to the end of the earth to photograph people who never had their photo taken. At schools, churches, homes and hospitals I could give people a moment to forget their troubles and just smile for the camera. But while shooting [...]

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Thanks for Supporting Hurricane Sandy Campaign

Although it’s been nearly four months since Hurricane Sandy viciously swept through the East Coast, its path of destruction continues to haunt the families touched by it. We remember how we all felt after seeing the images of flooded subways, destroyed homes and distraught communities. And we remember the moment we realized we had the [...]

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A Shift for the Help-Portrait Blog

We began the Help-Portrait blog with the goal to provide updates, tips & tricks about planning your event and to share the stories that come from them. But now we're thinking it's high time to just open up this platform to you, the Help-Portrait community. Below is information about becoming a contributor to this blog. [...]

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Story of the Day: West Palm Beach, FL

Rachel Chalhoub, West Palm Beach, FL, USA: This has been my second time working on Help-Portrait. My former co-worker, Jamilah Newcomer, introduced me to the program when she was still a teacher with me. I got the opportunity to work as a photo editor my first time around. It was such a rewarding experience that [...]

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Story of the Day: The Chosen 300 Location in Philadelphia

Jason and Sandy Edelstein, Chosen 300 Location, Philadelphia, USA: The 300 Location was one of 7 Help-Portrait locations in Philadelphia.  Around 20 volunteers helped provide photographs for 128 people.  What was so special about this event was that we really brought the next generation of charitable photographers along. My son Jason has grown up with [...]

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HP Story of the Day- Santa Paula, California

Paul Wheatley, Santa Paula, CA, USA: In December I joined my friends, Dana, Steve, Valea & Hunter in doing our first Help-Portrait event at a retirement home in Santa Paula, CA. If you're not familiar with Help-Portrait, please check out their website HERE. We gathered photographers, make-up/hair stylists, printers and helpers to capture, style and hand-deliver [...]

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Story of the Day: Tijuana Baja California, Mexico

David Castillo, Tijuana Baja California, México We photographed a group of 22 seniors, ranging in ages from 65 to 88 years old, some feel weak, others tired and others felt forgotten and alone. They cast aside all that and made a long trip to our rendezvous site, so enthusiastic and happy about their photograph. Being [...]

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HP Story of the Day: Chicago, Illinois

Mark Walczak, Chicago, Illinois, USA: For the second consecutive year, I had the pleasure of coordinating a Help-Portrait event at The Moody Church in Chicago.  This year brought greater involvement from Jim Porett and Bryan Dockett - two local photographers who worked at other sites in the past, but were able to focus their attention [...]

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