HP Story of the Day: Pakistan

Syed Usama Ali, Karachi Sind, Pakistan:

Actually it wasn’t a one-day event for us here in Pakistan. We gave the interested photographers a bracket to return the portraits till the 30th of Dec 2012 at their own convenience.

One of the most interesting stories came when this friend took a portrait of these four helpers in her […]

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HP Story of the Day: Las Vegas, NV

Amy S. Leavitt, Las Vegas, NV, USA:

One of the most inspiring things I heard this year is that the kids at the Shannon West Homeless Youth Center are motivated by the portraits on the wall of the center. These portraits are of kids that we photographed in previous Help-Portrait events. One homeless youth stated that […]

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HP Story of the Day: Perth-Australia

Lili Riecken-Raymond shares this note from Help-Portrait Perth-Australia 2012:

My gorgeous volunteers, Merida, Alecia and Alyse, and I arrived at St Pats on Help-Portrait Day feeling like we were about to give those people something special.

Instead, we were left being the ones who received the most special gift ever!

We were honored to hear 27 amazing life […]

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HP Story of the Day: Oviedo, FL

Debra Rheaume, Oviedo, FL, USA:

Sometimes you don’t see something, until you see it through someone else’s eyes. It’s a rewarding humbling experience.

These are pictures from our BASE Camp Event: children with cancer at their Christmas party :)

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HP Story of the Day: Egg Harbor, NJ

Emily Weary, Egg Harbor, New Jersey, USA:

I realized just how much of an impact I can have on someone. These people were not only grateful for the portraits and the donations, but simply how willing we were do something nice to brighten their day. That impacted me most about this event.

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HP Story of the Day: Chatham, Ontario

Chris Bruner, Chatham, Ontario, Canada:

This autistic young man was shy and started singing, “You are my sunshine,” because he was nervous. Any volunteer that was within earshot immediately stopped what they were doing and started singing along.

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HP Story of the Day: Sarasota, FL

Amanda Marie Mason, Sarasota, FL, USA:

That it is what I live for, photographing groups of people under less than perfect circumstances to hopefully achieve something greater. The sharing of the images which represented them not as teenagers but as young professional adults made both the students and their teachers feel very good.

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HP Story of the Day: Minneapolis, MN

Anese Merriwether, Minneapolis, MN, USA:

We blessed three different organizations in Minneapolis on December 8th. As lead organizer for our group, I am still collecting the stories that continue to stream in from volunteers. I can’t think of a better way to deliver this particular story from beginning to end. So, unconventionally it is!

This is […]

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HP Story of the Day: Stuttgart, Germany

Michaela Janetzko / Franziska Molina, Stuttgart, BW, Germany

There was this one little girl in particular, who is very sick and very shy. After we gave her the camera and let her take some pictures, you could see how much she changed. She suddenly smiled and had a sparkle in her eyes.

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HP Story of the Day: Freeport, IL

Elizabeth Chambers, Freeport, IL, USA:

The women we photographed were homeless women with children. One of the most inspiring was a 15-year-old girl that didn’t want to smile, and I finally sat down with her and asked her why. She said that she has a gap in her teeth and has never felt beautiful. I told […]

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