Help-Portrait 2012 Announcement

As most of you know, our permanent date is now the second weekend each December so it's close enough to Christmas but a good space away from the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving. Therefore, the date for this coming year will be... 08 December 2012 Mark your calendars and start planning early! If you've made arrangements [...]

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2010 Annual Report

Have you ever wondered what we do with the funds raised from donations, merchandise profits, etc. We present to you our 2010 Annual Report: a detailed look at what we, as an organization, accomplished in 2010, as well as the details about our income and expenses. Our goal has always been authenticity and transparency. This [...]

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An Important Community Update

First, welcome to the 505 new members that have joined within the past 10 days. We're honored that you're a part of our community and the international movement of Help-Portrait. ATTENTION LEADERS Leaders—I need your help. We've been using this community site for the past two years of Help-Portrait and we're running into a problem: [...]

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Help-Portrait to Release Photos (With Subject’s Permission) for the First Time

From the beginning of our movement nearly three years ago, photographers and volunteers around the world have embraced the Help-Portrait ethos: that is giving, not taking photos. It's never been about the photographer or his skills or what he has to offer. It's always been about connecting with and giving back to the subject. And you all have gotten that [...]

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Help us spread the word about Help-Portrait

2011 marks the third year for Help-Portrait. What started as an idea way back in 2008 has grown into an international movement that has had more momentum than we ever expected. We can't say it enough...thank you! As we begin to prepare for the December 10, 2011 event, the Help-Portrait team is busy securing new merchandise, [...]

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2011 Date Change

Many of you have noticed that the date for the 2011 event appears to be different than what we originally announced. Nice catch. After doing Help-Portrait for two years now, we couldn't help but notice how difficult it was to pull off the worldwide event the weekend after the US Thanksgiving holiday. So, rather than [...]

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2010 Help-Portrait Event Stats

We're happy to report that the 2nd annual Help-Portrait event, held on 04 December 2010, was another great success. Here are the official contribution numbers by our amazing and generous photography community: 61,060 portraits given 3954 photographers 7766 volunteers 46 Countries 47 of 50 US states All told, since 2009, the Help-Portrait community has given [...]

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Your Stories From Around the World

Stories are pouring in and we can't wait to share them. We will be posting as they become available. New Orleans, LA "Katrina took everything from me. But now you are here to help me get something back, and I thank you for that." Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa Two hundred children ran for me, greeted [...]

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Event Reporting

One of the keys to creating the Help-Portrait story are the numbers that we have the privilege of reporting to the world. After three years, the Help-Portrait community of 25,000+ photographers, in 56 countries, at over 700 events, have given away nearly 170,000 portraits to those who are less fortunate. Amazing huh! These stats help [...]

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