Today’s Challenge: Contact Your Sponsors

Call, email or text your Help-Portrait event sponsors (your nonprofit venue and corporate sponsors) and ask them to back this Groupon campaign. Let them know all money raised goes to fund the local event where it's raised. Ask the them to share the following to reach out to their mailing lists to further the reach [...]

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Today’s Challenge: Tweet!

The Help-Portrait Community has an incredible opportunity to raise money for our local events through a $10 for $20 donation through Groupon. Help us make it to $4,000 to qualify for the matching donation from Wacom! Today's Challenge: Tweet 3 times today for the Help-Portrait Groupon. Don't just share the link - let your friends [...]

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Today’s Challenge: Donate!

The Help-Portrait Community has an incredible opportunity to raise money for our local events through a $10 for $20 donation through Groupon. Help us make it to $4,000 to qualify for the matching donation from Wacom! We’ve seen that we can raise money fast if we all donate first to the cause. We are encouraging [...]

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The Groupon is On!

Alright guys - it's happening! The Help-Portrait Groupon is active. Remember: 1. Donate first, then ask your friends! tweet copy: Cool way to support @help_portrait 2day. give pix & love to ppl in need via @Groupon gr.pn/P2H6lh pls rt 2. Our corporate matching sponsor, Wacom, will double our money up to $4,000! By giving $10, [...]

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Help-Portrait’s Groupon Campaign!

We've got a major opportunity within the next few days to raise money to help you reach more people through your event this year. Help-Portrait has a Groupon Grassroots Campaign running Thurs., Sept. 20 to Wed., Sept. 26. The offer is to donate $10 to help a person or family in need have a portrait made and receive three copies of the picture [...]

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Help-Portrait Is Family

It is really hard to put into words how much Help-Portrait means to me and what I’ve seen over the last few years being a part of this incredible event and community – I’d even go as far as to say it is a family. In 2009 before the first Help-Portrait event, I received a [...]

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We Show People Their Worth

I first found out about Help-Portrait from Jeremy Cowart after its first year. Having been friends with Jeremy since 2000, I was instantly intrigued, not by the purpose of Help-Portrait but because I wanted to work on a project with my old friend. My initial thought was, Why photography? What good is it to take [...]

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An Open Letter to the Help-Portrait Community

Dear Help-Portrait Community ... Today is an unprecedented day in Help-Portrait’s history. Please, take a 5 minutes to read through this important post. After three years, 25,000 photographers, 56 countries, 700 events, and giving away nearly 170,000 portraits to those who are less fortunate, the amazing success of Help-Portrait has never been more evident than [...]

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Help Help-Portrait: Tweet & Status Ideas

Help-Portrait needs your help. Here are some tweet & status ideas to share with your network to spread the word. #HELPHelpPortrait! Donate to help us keep changing lives. http://hp.cta.gs/helphp I believe a picture is worth. #HELPHelpPortrait give free pictures to those in need by donating. http://hp.cta.gs/helphp #HelpPortrait needs help! Donate $1 today. http://hp.cta.gs/helphp #HELPHelpPortrait #HelpPortrait is about [...]

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2011 Stats

The 2011 stats are in. Without further ado... 56 countries 67,927 portraits given 4,984 photographers 8,793 volunteers If you haven't submitted your stats yet, don't worry, there's still time. We'll update this page as new stats roll in. But remember, it must be for the 2011 calendar year. We'll be posting a 2012 submission form [...]

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