Help-Portrait is needing at least 2 volunteers to help us transfer content and imagery to the brand new Help-Portrait website. Applicants must be well experienced in WordPress and Photoshop. This project is expected to take 4-6 weeks as we transfer content, imagery and beta test. This will not require full-time attention.

If you are interested, you can apply by sending your name, contact info and portfolio of work to our executive director, Kyle Chowning, kyle(at)

Credit will be given on the website to the generous volunteers who help us get this done.

We’re open to individuals and/or companies to help us. This work is volunteer based.

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  • Salina Salina

    Salina | 24/04/2014 8:17 am

Dear Help-Portrait Community,

We did it!

The Annual Help-Portrait day has come and gone. What a day it was! The pictures, stories and reports are pouring in. It’s so fun to see what you all did in recent days, weeks, and for some of you, months.

Due to weather and other circumstances, we know some of you have event dates that are still coming up. Don’t worry, we’re here to root you on and will be awaiting the pictures, stories and counts to add to the global story.


If you lead a group and have completed your event, be sure to submit you stats as soon as you can. We’re updating our global impact story regularly and posting them on Twitter, Facebook and OKDOTHIS.


If you’re anything like me, you’re basking in the stories and moments you experienced. Please take a moment and share those with us. We’d love to hear about the ones that were especially touching to you. Send them to and don’t forget to include a picture. Please let us know if we’re not allowed to share the story publicly.


Mark your calendars because the next International Help-Portrait day is scheduled for Saturday, 06 December 2014.

Finally, Help-Portrait 2013 is far from over. There are many more stories to be told, pictures to see and reports to be included. We can’t wait to see what you all did!

Talk to you soon,

— Kyle Chowning
Executive Director

#helpportrait on Twitter • Instagram • Facebook • Flickr

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  • nike free run 2 nike free run 2

    I'll immediately clutch your rss as I can not find your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Please permit me understand in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.
    nike free run 2 | 25/03/2014 9:15 am

These are the moments when heaven comes to earth:

When a 46 year old beautiful woman bawls her eyes out because she has finally gotten her very first picture with Santa.

When photographers set aside competition and serve together for the day.

When a twenty (something)-year-old in a recovery program asks to set his picture on the sign-in desk, stands back with a huge smile, and says, “I’m just picturing it. I’m picturing when I have a job, and I’m working in an office. I will have this picture sitting there. Can’t you see it? This is where I’m heading.”

When the Chick-fil-a cow shows up and makes everyone’s day.

When someone getting their picture says they’ve always wanted to be a professional photographer and asked if they could come next year, and the photographer hands his camera to her and says, “how about now?”

When crazy talented musicians serenade new friends.

When kids belly laugh as they play with their new toys who were given to them by other kids.

When hot coffee and a meal are offered by a friendly face and the rest of the hospitality/food team to those who have been riding in a freezing cold bus this morning.

When a returning guest from last year recognizes a volunteer, calls her by name, greets her with a huge hug and insists they get a picture taken together and printed before they leave.

When volunteers give hours upon hours of long nights behind the scenes to make these moments possible for people all over the world who will never know their name.

This is Help-Portrait.

Honored to have shared this with some of my favorite people in the world today. Thank you for every hug, encouraging word, listening ear, picture, makeover, print, and action you gave today to make these and many more moments happen.

-Kendra Flowers
Nashville, TN


We want to hear your stories from Help-Portrait 2013. Please fill out the event report (this information is vital to the future of our organization), and then send an email to and attach photos and details from your day. We want to flood this blog and social media with the hope, love and good will that light up the earth yesterday.

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Have you gotten your Help-Portrait T-Shirt yet?  No?  Well, it’s not too late!

Tuesday through Friday all merch is 25% off.

Already bought your shirt?  Pick up an accessory to go with it, or buy a Christmas gift for a friend or family member!

Make sure others don’t miss out on the sale by sharing the link on social media:

And remember your purchases go directly towards supporting HP operating costs and future events. Thank you for sharing the love!

Kendra Flowers
- Project Manager

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Monday only! 40% off ALL MERCH in the Help-Portrait store. Now’s the time to stock up on shirts for your team, or give HP gear as gifts. Proceeds from sales goes toward funding Help-Portrait operating costs and future events.

Tell a friend!

The sale starts at 7/6c Monday morning!


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We can’t tell you how excited we are to see Help-Portrait roll around, because this is our 5th year! This is a huge milestone for our community, which spans 67 countries now!

We know you’ve been planning, fundraising and organizing in anticipation for Dec. 7. Thank you for your level of dedication, teamwork and compassion. Once the doors swing open, hearts will as well. We can’t wait to hear the stories that come from these events in just a little more than a week.

As Help-Portrait 2013 begins in just a few short days, we wanted to give you a few reminders.


Most importantly, don’t forget to track and report your numbers. We’re looking for the number of photographers, volunteers and portraits given. At the end of the event, head over to and fill in the details. This allows us to share the global impact of Help-Portrait with the public, media and potential sponsors. This helps us engage more photographers so that next year, we can do even more.


    • We’d love to get #HelpPortrait to trend globally on Twitter Saturday so be sure to use that hashtag.
    • We’ve seen that many of you have already gotten wonderful media coverage in your local papers and from local news stations. We’d love to see and keep a record of these links. Send us the details using this form Help-Portrait Press so we can share it with community.
    • OKDOTHIS, a new photo- and idea-sharing app from HP founder Jeremy Cowart, is going to be a great way to share Help-Portrait. There’s already a slew of photo ideas and prompts, called “DOs,” on the @helpportrait profile page for behind the scenes pictures at our events, how to take better pictures, ways to interact with the subjects — and more are being added daily. The goal is to create community of ideas through the DOs that OKDOTHIS provides. Take and share the photos you create, and post your own ideas for DOs! It’s easy, fun, idea-inspiring and adds a new level of social media sharing for our events this year.
    • Create a CNN iReport for your Help-Portrait location! We’ve got a step-by-step tutorial on our blog. At your local event, capture a compelling brief video or photo(s) or so of what’s happening. Give an overview of your event and interview an organizer or participant about what the day has meant to them (don’t forget to get release forms signed).


Lastly, we can’t wait to see your photos this year. Whether you upload on your personal blog, local Help-Portrait site, Facebook, Flickr or other means, please make sure to include the Help-Portrait watermark, get the proper release forms signed, and include “Help_Portrait” in the file titles so we can see the photos when doing a Google Image Search.

We’re anticipating great things this year. Let’s go!

-Kyle & the Help-Portrait team

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  • Dawn Lowe Dawn Lowe

    We are armed and ready-with cameras, lights, action, makeup and lots of love!
    Dawn Lowe | 04/12/2013 4:28 am

Jeremy Cowart and a development team at Aloompa have launched a new photo idea-sharing app called OKDOTHIS.

We want to see you use it with Help-Portrait!

Follow @helpportrait, then check out the photo prompts, called “Dos.” Take and share the photos you create, then post your own ideas for Dos!

It’s easy, fun and idea-inspiring. So, OK … let’s do this!

photo 1

photo 2

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Our friends over at are running a special on their retina-ready WP portfolio themes.

Use the promo code FLOjeremy30 at checkout for a 30% off discount. Partial proceeds go to Help-Portrait! Help us spread the word by using the social links below.


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Can you believe that it’s already the end of October, and the 5th Annual International Help-Portrait Day is only 39 days away? As we’ve said all along, without you, Help-Portrait is just an idea. Because of you we’ve been able to give portraits to over 282,000 people in 67 countries! Amazing.

As we turn our attention to the details to ready ourselves for the big 07 December 2013 date, I wanted to send some reminders:

* If you’re looking to get connected to a group, the best thing to do is open Google and type “help-portrait [your city name]“. Our community is so widespread that it’s becoming nearly impossible for us to track each group individually.

* Speaking of tracking, if you’re leading a group, please be sure to let us know the details of your event »

* If you’re looking to get started and need a jump start, start here »

* If you’re in the US and you’d like to raise tax deductible funds for your event, go here »  We’re sorry that we can only offer this for US based events.

* Don’t forget to track your numbers…this is a key part of building our story. We’re looking for details on the number of people attending your event, photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists and volunteers. You can report them here »

* We just released our new line of 2013 Help-Portrait apparel. Check out the the limited edition 2013 T-shirt we just released at the end of last week too. Get them while they last…once they’re gone, they gone! »

* Reminder that the Twitter handle has changed to @helpportrait. Also, track social conversations by tagging your posts with #helpportrait

As always, if you have any other questions, please submit a support ticket on our support site:

Finally, remember, that Help-Portrait isn’t just about 07 December 2013…it’s about helping people anytime, anyplace, anyway you can. If you can’t do HP on 07 December, please find another day to participate.

Thanks again for all that you’re doing! We’re so excited to be celebrating our 5th anniversary with you!

Talk to you soon,

Kyle Chowning
Executive Director

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A few things you should know:

1. We are offering a new Limited Edition T for 2013!  Once it’s gone… it’s gone.  Order soon!

2. We now have V-neck and Ladies’ Cuts available! Whoohoo!

3. Make sure to place your order before Nov. 29th if you’re in the US or Canada and before Nov. 15th if you’re international to guarantee delivery by the Dec. 7th event!

4. Proceeds from merch go towards supporting Help-Portrait operating costs and future events.  By purchasing from the store you are becoming an advocate for HP.

Now go get your shop on here!


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