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‘Unexpected Smiles’ – Munich, Germany

Our team of photographers, videographers and make-up artists spent a day with the families and children living at a hospital that cares for babies and children with rare heart problems- supplying their parents with a place to stay with them at the Ronald McDonald House next door. These families are going through tough times right [...]

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‘No Catch’ – Flagstaff, AZ

I was walking a family to the portrait studio, and the wife asked me if it was photography students who run the shoots. I said "no, they are all professional photographers." She asked me why they were doing this for free, and I said "because it's the holidays, and because why not." She didn't appear [...]

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‘After a few hours, I understood completely’ – Philadelphia, PA

At first, I wasn’t quite sure how taking someone’s picture could help them. After a few hours at the event, I understood completely. Most of the people in the pictures below shared their incredible stories with me. From massive weight loss to overcoming various struggles, each subject was proud of something they'd accomplished. One gentleman [...]

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‘Precious Ladies’ – San Francisco, CA

Guillaume Desachy, San Francisco, CA: On Saturday I was part of the +Help-Portrait day and more specifically the one organized by First Exposures in San Francisco, an organization which is helping under-served kids to learn photography. Each kid is a mentee who has a mentor assigned. They meet every Saturday morning and the mentors teach [...]

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‘The Smiles of Grateful Children’ – Colombia

This is the third year that I led this inspiring movement in my country (Colombia), in this case we did 81 portraits for children in need form an institution called “Hogares Club Michín” in Bogotá, in the event participated six photographers (Germán Ruiz, Cristian Rojas, Alexander Gomez, Miguel Angel Monroy, Lisandro Pérez and Luis G. [...]

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