My Morning with Al

HELLO fellow photographers and creatives,

My name is KELLI TRONTEL and I was fortunate and honored to be part of the Help-Portrait trial run in Nashville, TN back in 2009.

There’s no mistaking that being exposed to the heart of Help-Portrait will rock your world….but recently, I’ve realized more and more how much Help-Portrait deeply impacted my […]

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Help-Portrait Remembers Nelson Mandela

We’re honored that Ubuntu Help-Portrait in South Africa had the opportunity to help celebrate Nelson Mandela’s life through an initiative called 94toGram, a collection of Help-Portrait messages marking his 94th birthday. “Through this, we gave people who do not often have a chance to shout-out, the opportunity to send online birthday messages to South Africa’s most loved […]

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Sasha Leahovcenco: Help-Portrait, Nigeria

We mentioned this week on Twitter that a video featuring Sasha Leahovcenco, one of Help-Portrait’s prolific volunteer photographers, and his Help-Portrait trip to Chukotka, Russia (“Help-Portrait. End of the Earth”), was chosen as a Vimeo Staff Pick. In it he shows the a behind the scenes look at his team’s journey beginning at Anadyr (capital […]

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Help-Portrait Vancouver: the complete opposite of a ‘selfie’ highlights Help-Portrait Vancouver.

“Help-Portrait Vancouver is the complete opposite of a ‘selfie.’”

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‘Time to be happy’

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Help-Portrait Founder Launches OKDOTHIS App

Jeremy Cowart and a development team at Aloompa have launched a new photo idea-sharing app called OKDOTHIS.

We want to see you use it with Help-Portrait!

Follow @helpportrait, then check out the photo prompts, called “Dos.” Take and share the photos you create, then post your own ideas for Dos!

It’s easy, fun and idea-inspiring. So, OK … let’s do […]

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Rewind: Great Help-Portrait Stories from 2011-12

Whenever you compile a list, it’s tempting to call it “great” or “top” or “best,” but when you’re talking about Help-Portrait stories, images and memories, it’s difficult to label one as better than another. Everyone we encounter has a story. As we sift through the quotes and images that roll in after an event, we’re […]

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Global News: ‘Local photographers donate time for portrait initiative’

The Help-Portrait team in Edmonton got some media love yesterday. Check out this nice piece from the Global News.

“I think it’s an awesome collective effort. Our creative community comes together and does something good for the community, gives back. It’s so meaningful to the people who are getting the service,” said Devin Komarniski, the Hope […]

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A Letter From Jeremy Cowart

Hey, everyone! 

Just wanted to check in and say hello to all of you! My team and I are SO excited about this year’s 5th anniversary of Help-Portrait. It’s insane that 5 years have already passed. I never had any idea of what this would become. But you guys have taken a very simple idea and […]

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What Makes Help-Portrait Events Work?

In 2009, Help-Portrait organizer Austin Mann shared some extremely helpful technical tips about doing Help-Portrait events in Dallas, TX. We asked him to weigh in again this year with more advice on what makes his events successful.

10 essentials items you don’t wanna forget:
1) Plenty of gaff tape (mutli colors for signage and other stuff)
2) Plenty […]

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