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How to Lay out Your Event Venue

We've created some sample guides for you to reference as you plan how to set up your venue. These simple, yet detailed maps will help you cover your bases and make sure no detail is overlooked. This PDF download includes maps for three different size events: Small (30-75 families/participants) Medium (100-200 families/participants) Large (250-500+ families/participants) [...]

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How do I get involved?

Help-Portrait 2012 is just around the corner! We are so excited about 08 December 2012. After an amazing turnout last year, we can only imagine how many photographers will get involved and how many portraits will be given. If you are new to the H-P site, or if you just need a refresher, here is [...]

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What if I’m the only one?

We know there are some of you who have signed up at the COMMUNITY SITE, started a group for your city or town, and you are the only photographer around. For starters, just because you are the FIRST one to sign up on the community site in your area doesn't mean you are the only [...]

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Dallax, TX: Behind the Scenes

Here is a detailed account of the Help-Portrait event preparations in Dallas, TX. Thanks to Austin Mann for organizing this and sending the information in. We feel certain this will help you as you plan for your event. --- Hey all, We did our Help-Portrait event a little early and fortunately it turned out to [...]

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