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Being an official non-profit has come with a lot of regulations and changes that we didn't have to abide by in 2009. After all, in the beginning, we just thought we had a good idea. We never dreamed that it would become an official non-profit with a board, IRS and other government regulations. But, we're [...]

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Event Reporting

One of the keys to creating the Help-Portrait story are the numbers that we have the privilege of reporting to the world. After three years, the Help-Portrait community of 25,000+ photographers, in 56 countries, at over 700 events, have given away nearly 170,000 portraits to those who are less fortunate. Amazing huh! These stats help [...]

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Print your own t-shirts

Many of you have asked about whether you're allowed to print your own Help-Portrait t-shirts. If you live outside the United States, you are welcome to print Help-Portrait shirts. Please remember that the logo is trademark, and thus all uses must be approved by Help-Portrait. You can download the art for our logo t-shirt here. [...]

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So You Want to be a Help-Portrait Volunteer?

Okay, so you are not a photographer, but you are really passionate about the Help-Portrait mission. If this is you, you are like thousands of others who would like to find a way to get involved in a Help-Portrait event in your local area. The best way to get involved is to FIRST, join the [...]

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