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Guest Post: Frank Doorhof & Help-Portrait Netherlands

This is a guest post from Frank Doorhof, who helps lead Help-Portrait in the Netherlands (help-portret). This is a look at how he got involved and how the Dutch do Help-Portrait. My name is Frank Doorhof and  I’m based in the Netherlands. In “normal” life I’m a fashion photographer specializing in teaching workshops and shooting [...]

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The Future of Help-Portrait

We recently announced some big changes to Help-Portrait. 1. We're going to start showing the photos if the subjects want us to. 2. We're going to have them draw and write on their actual photos and tell their stories. 3. We're going to hand the cameras over and let them do some shooting. I'm so [...]

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Help-Portrait to Release Photos (With Subject’s Permission) for the First Time

From the beginning of our movement nearly three years ago, photographers and volunteers around the world have embraced the Help-Portrait ethos: that is giving, not taking photos. It's never been about the photographer or his skills or what he has to offer. It's always been about connecting with and giving back to the subject. And you all have gotten that [...]

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H-P 2011: Events Coordinator Annie Downs

We're continuing our series today from the Help-Portrait volunteer staff. Today we feature our events coordinator (and last year's live event emcee), Annie Downs. Annie's currently splitting her time between Edinburgh, UK and Nashville, TN, but we're looking forward to having her in Nashville for H-P 2011! What I do for HP: My title is [...]

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Help-Portrait Yuma, AZ

We wanted to give you a glimpse into some of the volunteers that make Help-Portrait great. Here's a photographer who works with Help-Portrait in Yuma, AZ. Name: Chriselda Turcios (website) Location: currently in Yuma, Az. Recently moved from San Diego after living there for 5 years Occupation: mother of 3 girls, Marine wife, photographer Family [...]

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H-P 2011: Publicist Lori Mahon

We're continuing our series today from the Help-Portrait volunteer staff. We want to (re)introduce ourselves and talk about what we're getting excited about for this year's Help-Portrait event. Today, our fabulous publicist, Lori Mahon. What I do for HP: I tell the stories of Help-Portrait to the media. I love sharing the stories with the [...]

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