Jeremy Cowart

Who I am: Husband. Father. Friend. Son. Uncle. Idea Guy. Photographer. Captain/Founder of the A.D.D. Club

Where I live: Brentwood, TN (Most of the time)

What I do: My full-time gig is I send emails. On the side, I like to take pictures. I’m working on developing some iPhone apps. I also love creating Photography books. In terms of Help-Portrait, I’m the founder and the guy trying to piece it all together, while the rest of the HP team pieces ME together.

What I like: Lamp. I love lamp. Okay okay. I like a lot of things… in no particular order… 2-man sand volleyball, My wife and 2 kids, Twitter, Anchorman, Traveling, my dog Wilson, Action, not words, Disc Golf, radical grace, Patty Griffin, Ideas, and last but not least, sweet tea.

Where I network: Twitter (@jeremycowart) and Facebook

What I’m most like in the morning: It looks like someone spent the whole night kicking me in the face when I wake up. And come to think of it, that’s basically what happens when either of our 2 children sleep with us.

Favorite thing about H-P: As the founder, my favorite thing is to connect all the dots… to piece together so many creative people in so many different industries coming together to collaborate for an amazing cause. We have designers creating posters and t-shirts, musicians writing songs, photographers taking pictures, web designers working tirelessly on the HP website, filmmakers making shorts… and most importantly we have thousands of people across the world joining forces in community to serve their neighbors. It is a dream come true for me to be able to direct this beautiful symphony of service.

I’m gonna cheat and add a 2nd paragraph here. The team you see on this team page is seriously an all-star cast. I am so very thankful for them and their tireless work on Help-Portrait. This is obviously a volunteer effort for all of us and you wouldn’t believe the hours they have put into this thing for you guys, the photo community at large. I love them to death and am so thankful for all the many late night email chains full of laughter. This is truly a special, humble, passionate group of people I’m working with.