Jen May Pastores

Jen May


Who I am: Artist. Youth educator. Community organizer. Chaser of adventure. Helper.

Where I live: Visalia, California (when I keep still).

What I do: I’m a portrait and wedding photographer by trade and an advocate of living to love.

What I like: I enjoy hot bowls of noodles, making music, getting people together, traveling as much as possible, and the occasional days of doing nothing but reading.

Where I network:
jenmay on Instagram

What I’m most like in the morning: I’m focused on finding food and coffee.

Favorite thing about H-P: As a volunteer leading the Los Angeles team, I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact Help-Portrait has on everyone involved. My favorite is when this type of setting brings a true unity in a team where the only goal is to give back to those in need. It’s exciting. It’s emotional. It’s good work that deserves to be done over and over again.