Should we do anything else besides pictures?
As we mentioned in the video, we highly recommend going above and beyond with your day. Take canned goods, take books, blankets, play games. Do whatever you feel like you can do to help the people you’re serving. Photography is just the catalyst. It’s up to you to go beyond that.

What’s going to happen to Help-Portrait after the annual event?
Help-Portrait started as a one-day event held on the second Saturday of every December. While this will always be our anchor event, the goal and purpose of Help-Portrait is to inspire photographers to use their skill, time and expertise to give back. So, join us in December, or do it in March, the goal is to give and give freely—no matter when, no matter where.

Remember, this isn’t about the photos and showing off our pictures. However, we would like you to take as many behind-the-scenes photos as possible; also take photos WITH your subjects. We’re very interested in seeing these shots. Also we’d love for you to videotape your event. We’re not sure exactly what we’re going to do yet but if we document everything well, who knows what could come out of this… maybe a short film to inspire people next year, maybe a book of stories… the possibilities are fun to think about.

Where can I download the logo?
All of our downloads are available on the DOWNLOADS page.

What if I have more questions?
First, look around the COMMUNITY SITE – there is a lot of good information to be found there. If you don’t see the answer that you are looking for, send an email with your question to info@help-portrait.com.

Where do I post my behind the scenes video and photos?
Please post them on our FTP server:

user: video
pw: helpportrait

How do I find out if there is an event already scheduled in my area?
The best place to start is to go to the community “Locations” tab and do a search for your city. If you don’t find anything, then create a new location and invite your friends to join. You’re now the new leader for your local Help-Portrait event.

What does a Help-Portrait event look like?
Based on the recent Nashville event, here’s what we did: Setup started at 8:30am. We took pictures from 10-4 and then cleaned up until about 5pm. Specifically related to the Nashville Rescue Mission, as people came in to eat their meal, one or two of our volunteers would explain the project and see if they would like their portrait taken. Then they would just walk over and get it done. Our contact at the shelter knew all the people, so there was no need to write names down, etc. But we have heard of some people taking a practice shot where the person/family is holding a sign with their name, or maybe an ID number, and then you can match them later.

What about sponsors?
We strongly encourage you to not make this a corporate event. It’s important that the participants feel that this is about them, not a PR event. However, if a company would like to sponsor your event, make sure their exposure is limited to what you feel is necessary to thank them for their contributions.