If you’re new, the idea of leading, even participating in a Help-Portrait event can be quite overwhelming. So, below is a list of what you need to get started on your first HP event.

At minimum, you need:

  • Camera
  • Ability to print (onsite, local store or online)
  • people to shoot

This is not an oversimplification of the model. We, the creators of HP, have done many that were just that simple. We’ve also done some that are complex:

  • Camera
  • Light kits
  • Backdrops
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Food – We got ours donated from Chick-fil-a and Walmart
  • Donated clothing
  • Coffee – donated from starbucks
  • Printers, Ink & Paper – Donated from a local photography store
    • You can also find local photo print shops who would be willing to donate their services, or offer them to you at cost.
    • Online printing is usually the most cost effective, but takes the most time too.
  • Frames – Donated from local home store
  • Photo Release forms - http://help-portrait.com/download
  • Press announcement sent out to local news outlets
  • Videographer to capture the day
  • B-Roll photog to capture the behind the scenes
  • And lots of people :)

People can come from lots of places. Here’s a list of where we’ve been most “successful” in serving large groups of people:

  • Rescue mission
  • Womens health
  • Halfway houses
  • Recovery programs < this is very unique experience because so many of them deal with poor self image issues
  • Food kitchens
  • Churches
  • Homeless organizations/ministries

The best advice I can give you…it’s best to partner with organizations and ministries that have built relationship with the people you want to reach. This connection means less work in gathering and returning pictures…especially if you’re working with homeless people. It also means that they know how to communicate with them. This will save you a ton of time and energy!

Remember: it’s all about finding ONE person, printing A picture and delivering it to them. Really, this is enough. Anything beyond this is icing on the cake.

When you engage with people who are normally avoided or don’t have a positive self image, you are giving them a gift that will mean more than you could ever imagine. Trust me. It’s a surprising experience, AND one of the most rewarding!

I hope this helps.

Executive Director

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It’s no secret we encounter some incredible people and stories at Help-Portrait events around the world. What some don’t realize is that our volunteers are just as courageous and inspirational.

Meet Jaleel King. Jaleel, 36, brought Help-Portrait to the Inglis House in Philadelphia. It’s a home for economically disadvantaged people with disabilities. Jaleel lived at the Inglis House for a year.

“People don’t understand the power a photograph can bring,” he said. “Not so much ‘I was here,’ but, ‘I was happy. For this moment, I was happy.’ ”

At age 8, Jaleel was shot by a neighbor with a shotgun who was annoyed over the sound of fireworks. King was left paralyzed. Overcoming great odds, Jaleel became a photographer and now runs his own photography business, shooting weddings, portraits, and city scenes.

Through Help-Portrait, he’s able to give back in spite of the challenges he’s faced in life. Mike Allebach, a Help-Portrait Philly volunteer, met Jaleel the first year he volunteered with Help-Portrait three years ago. He shared Jaleel’s story with us, and we knew we had to share it with the rest of you. Check out this video to see his story, and this article, which talks about the Inglis House event.

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