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Necessary Elements to a Successful HP Event

If you’re new, the idea of leading, even participating in a Help-Portrait event can be quite overwhelming. So, below is a list of what you need to get started on your first HP event.

At minimum, you need:

Ability to print (onsite, local store or online)
people to shoot

This is not an oversimplification of the model. We, the […]

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Meet Jaleel King

It’s no secret we encounter some incredible people and stories at Help-Portrait events around the world. What some don’t realize is that our volunteers are just as courageous and inspirational.

Meet Jaleel King. Jaleel, 36, brought Help-Portrait to the Inglis House in Philadelphia. It’s a home for economically disadvantaged people with disabilities. Jaleel lived at […]

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Help-Portrait Featured in Southwest Airlines’ Spirit Magazine

If you are flying Southwest Airlines this month, take a look at the October Photography issue – Help-Portrait is featured!

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