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Help-Portrait Groupon: The Final Top 10

Here are the Top 10 giving communities at the conclusion of our Groupon Grassroots campaign: Southborough, MA Kennesaw, GA Houston, TX Nashville, TN Minneapolis, MN Cary, NC Franklin, TN Atlanta, GA Roswell, GA Osseo, MN We raised a total of $8,960 with a total of 496 Groupon donations. This includes our $4,000 matching goal from [...]

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Final Challenge: Fill out the Donor Contact Form

Wednesday is the final day of Help-Portrait's Groupon Grassroots Campaign to raise money for local events this Dec. 8. We met & exceeded our fundraising goal of 400 to qualify for our corporate matching donation of $4,000 from Wacom. But we can't stop now! Keep tweeting, emailing and Facebooking your community to raise more money [...]

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Today’s Challenge: Share a Photo!

Hop on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or your blog and share a photo from your local Help-Portrait event (or grab one of your favorites from our blog) and share the story and a link to the Help-Portrait Groupon: We believe these photos bring love, light and hope to people in need and, by showing others [...]

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“I can give of my time and talents”

Tamara Okoti, organizer of Help-Portrait Abbotsford, BC, Canada shared these photos and memories from their December 2011 event in which 300 people received free portraits from 100 volunteers. "This is my second year co-organizing this event, and it is always so great to know that you have impacted someone's life by way of a simple [...]

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Today’s Challenge: Email 10 Friends

We're in the home stretch! We need 107 more $10 Groupon donations to qualify for our Wacom match of $4,000 by Wednesday. People are more likely to support a cause when referred by someone they know. And they’re more likely to give if you ask them personally. Today’s challenge: Email 10 of your friends and [...]

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“I realize how much I have”

Help-Portrait events happen across the globe. And sometimes photographers and volunteers combine Help-Portrait with other outreaches. Such is the case with photographer Michael Thelen of Bridgeport, CT. "I went to the Dominican Republic to distribute toys to needy children," he said. "Once I was there, I remembered my affiliation with Help-Portrait and decided to photograph [...]

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Everyone Has a Story

Most Help-Portrait events happen on the second Saturday each December. However, individual groups can choose their give-back event anytime that's best for those they're working with. Max Mikhaylenko from Vancouver, Wash., shared these images and video from their Help-Portrait event held this past Easter. "It was a sunny Easter morning, and people from the local [...]

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I’m Beautiful, I’m Special

"Can you imagine being 40-years-old or 60-years-old and somebody touching your face for this first time? Somebody applying make up to your face, eye makeup whatever it is, can you imagine the power of that after going your whole life in being trained to think I’m not beautiful, I’m not special?" -Jeremy Cowart TEDx Nashville [...]

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Today’s Challenge: Contact Your Sponsors

Call, email or text your Help-Portrait event sponsors (your nonprofit venue and corporate sponsors) and ask them to back this Groupon campaign. Let them know all money raised goes to fund the local event where it's raised. Ask the them to share the following to reach out to their mailing lists to further the reach [...]

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A Picture Is Worth

In this new video, Help-Portrait Austin recaps the 2011 event and looks forward to this year's. Watch in this video how the volunteers are just as touched and changed as the recipients. That's the beauty of Help-Portrait. Help us reach $4,000 in a special Help-Portrait Groupon offer through Wednesday - a $10 donation is worth [...]

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