H-P Story of the Day: Vilnius, Lithuania

//H-P Story of the Day: Vilnius, Lithuania

H-P Story of the Day: Vilnius, Lithuania

“We had 6 amazing, but lonely mothers with kids. Each of them with different story. Even if you are not pro and you don’t have big support team, you can make people smile.” –Ingrida Alisauskiene, Vilnius, Lithuania

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  1. M. Smith September 20, 2012 at 5:03 PM

    I just have to say, as a middle income person, retired, struggling to pay bills, I have passed on getting “prof” portraits simply b/c they are not in our budget. Why, then, would people who must also be struggling, be afforded such a luxury due to the fact that they can’t affort it? This is troubling to me. We pay our bills on time, giving up luxuries, only to be told that “everyone” is entitied to these “luxuries” regardless of their ability to pay. What is wrong with our society? It is disgusting. You are not providing for poor families, you are teaching them that they “deserve” everything, regardless of whether they are able or willing to do the things necessary (work, usually) to pay for those “luxuries.” Are these people eating out at restaurants, too? We aren’t.

  2. Alan H. November 22, 2012 at 8:56 AM

    I think the previous commenter is missing the point of the project entirely. When someone goes to a shelter, they may get a meal or food for their body. These portraits we’re giving them are food for their souls.
    Sometimes, people are in these situations through no fault of their own. The company they work for sends their job overseas, which causes them to miss payments on the mortgage, which causes them to lose their home, which causes…
    Now, this is going to be my first year volunteering as a photographer at an event in Kansas City. But having watched several videos of previous events and seen the looks on the faces of the people having their pictures taken makes it look like a magical experience. Methinks the previous commenter could use a little more magic in their life.

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