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H-P Story of the Day: San Francisco, CA

Ted van der Linden of San Francisco, CA, shared this from his December 2011 event: I was asked if there was any way to help take some yearbook photos for the daughter of a friend. (This is not the traditional Help-Portrait event, I know.) I decided to do this as I didn't have a full [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Chicago, IL

"A single mom with her 18-day-old baby girl came near the end of the day. She was very excited because she never imagined that she would get to have a nice photo of her baby that small. She was really sweet and the photographer asked her to stick around since we were almost finished for [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Wilmington, DE

From Timothy Swanson in Wilmington, DE: Lindsay, a wheelchair bound mother of two young children, and her husband Jason, came into our event after hearing about it from one of the event coordinators. Lindsay was excited about the opportunity she was being given, but Jason on the other hand seemed to be a little unenthusiastic [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Casper, WY

"We had a high school senior come in with his newly 'adopted' mom. He had been kicked out of his house with nowhere to go and had been homeless until this family took him in. They brought him to our Help-Portrait because he had not had his senior pictures done. He was shy and quiet, [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: San Francisco

"People were shocked that we were giving them framed photos and CDs for free. Since all our photographers were between the ages of 10-19, some of their families came along for portraits. One mother said this about the 11-year-old photographer that made her family photo: 'Thank you so much for a wonderful time our family [...]

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Sponsor Spotlight: Flosites

Chances are the first place you visited after hearing about Help-Portrait was this website. But this website wouldn't exist without the generous development support of Flosites. We began working with them because of mutual friends, but the professional service was a match made in heaven, as the Flosites team specializes in brands, blogs and websites [...]

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Sponsor Spotlight: Social Rain

Coordinating a global effort like Help-Portrait takes a lot of behind-the-scenes efforts – efforts, that without the help of a service like Social Rain, would be untraceable. We'd have a hard time knowing our reach. Social Rain offered their services to us this past year through Carolyn Haggard, managing partner at Rain Cloud Media, the [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Mobile, AL

Debby Faught, from Mobile, AL, shared this from their Help-Portrait event: We worked with Wings of Life. Wings of LIfe is a Christian, Bible-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment center located in Mobile, AL. It was absolutely a joy to bring smiles to people's faces that day. One of the guys that sat down with [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Hedgesville, WV

Trampus Boyles, from Hedgesville, WV, sent these stories and photos from their Help-Portrait December 2011 event: As youth leaders at our church, we decided to get our teens involved in Help-Portrait. One of our teens invited a classmate to the event. When classmate and her mother arrived, her mother briefly told us about how they [...]

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