H-P Story of the Day: West Palm Beach, FL

//H-P Story of the Day: West Palm Beach, FL

H-P Story of the Day: West Palm Beach, FL

Rawdon(click to enlarge)

“A husband & wife couldn’t have kids of their own & ended up with 2 foster kids… which they adopted… and she wrote ‘not being able to have biological children turned out to be the greatest blessing in our lives! Never losses, only blessings’… We all cried after reading what mom wrote… How pampered and special they felt…

“And a mom was soo touched

[pictured above] – she couldn’t express her gratitude… so she asked if she could give me a hug… we hugged about 3 more times as we conversed… That a simple gesture… a simple hug… a simple portrait… can change lives… not just for the recipients… but for the givers…” -Jamilah Thet Newcomer, West Palm Beach, FL

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