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H-P Story of the Day: Southern Delaware

"One teenage girl from a women's shelter was excited to give the portrait to her mom, whose birthday was the day before. We had some women from a Women's shelter, and their head counselor said that this was great. They have hard lives, and this gives them a break from this for the day." Keith [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Houston, TX

From Jaclyn Boutwell, Houston, TX: We saw this lady walking down the street. I ran outside and asked her if we could do her picture. She said "Please don't, I'm so ugly. I don't want a picture of myself." I told her we had hair and make up people and promised she'd feel good about [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Austin, TX

From Chuck Murphy, Austin, Texas: A woman that was deaf came in by herself to be photographed. Although admittedly we had no one that knew ASL, we were able to communicate with her through a few hand gestures and a lot of written notes. She was very patient with everyone. After having her hair done [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Vero Beach, FL

From Nellie Quiros, Vero Beach, Florida: Despite torrential downpours all day long, we quickly went to Plan B, which was move it inside my studio, have three sets and receive the guests from The Homeless Family Shelter who were scheduled to be transporting 2-3 families every hour. It went smoothly and I'm not sure who [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Orange County, CA

"I felt like falling in happiness today." -Maria, Orange County, CA Volunteer Wendy Rueter shares a little more behind this magical photo: "Early in the day this sweet lady came in. She spoke no English, but her joy was evident! Our make up artist, Isabel, added just a bit of color then put a ribbon [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Franklin, TN

"Last year I photographed a family that had lost a lot in the Nashville flood and their son was diagnosed with cancer all within a few months. When I photographed them, he was undergoing chemotherapy. Well, this year they all walked in and their son was cancer free!! He has a walker now to assist [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Louisburg, NC

From Paige Sayles, Louisburg, North Carolina: Help-Portrait of Franklin County, North Carolina, targeted families who previously had requested assistance in obtaining student school supplies through our local United Way. Our target families were not obviously poor, but because of the local economy were having a hard time affording the "beginning of school year" supplies many [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Vietnam

From Muhammad Salman Bin Mohamed Khair, Ai Nghia, Quang Nam, Vietnam: Most of us take a camera or a portrait of ourselves for granted. Conducted Help-portrait for the orphans and caretakers at Dai Loc Orphanage Centre revealed to us how excited they became to be able to get an instant polaroid film of their portrait. [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Hollywood, MD

"'I haven't seen this many smiles here in a long time': Quote from our coordinator in charge of events at the Senior Assisted Living Center. People are willing to help, all you need to do is ask. People like to be needed. There's a job for everyone. Sometimes you just need to sit and listen [...]

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