H-P Story of the Day: Orlando

//H-P Story of the Day: Orlando

H-P Story of the Day: Orlando


“In 2009 when Help-Portrait started we fell in love with the location that we were shooting at which was the Women and Children’s shelter in Orlando WRCC, since then the Miotto’s have been coming every other Thursday to teach the children from ages 4 to 16 years of age.” -Misty Miotto, Orlando, FL, US

Misty says she, her family and several volunteers teach and hope to empower the children at the women and children’s shelter by teaching them different virtues and character building techniques, and occasionally they bring in community leaders and role models to speak and visit with them. They now have people who have moved on from the shelter that come back and volunteer with the program. She’s expanded the program, called Butterflies and Bluejays, to two locations and has plans to keep growing.

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Cara (@carandavis) is the online editor for Help-Portrait and lives in Nashville, TN.

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  1. Janice November 19, 2012 at 2:02 PM

    Well the shutter isn’t loud, it’s the huge mirorr! i’m sure that’s what you’re referring to. I always get a few looks when i’m out shooting and there’s other photographers with their shiny new digital cameras taking hundreds of photos of the same subject, then i’ll fire off one shot that is accompanied with a notably audible thwap!’

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