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H-P Story of the Day: Denmark

"The joy of seeing someone smile, when presented with a portrait is much bigger than i would have imagined." -Keld Bendtsen, Herlev, Copenhagen, Denmark

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H-P Story of the Day: Rio Negro, Brazil

"I saw a girl who couldn't stand by her mother's side, because she felt akward and ashamed of her... we asked her and her brother to kiss their mother! It's was probably one of the hardest thing she have ever done! But after she finally agreed to kiss, we all felt she changed! Her face [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Denver

From Katherine Payne, Denver, CO: Our first year 3 years ago, we were at St. Francis Center for the Homeless. This being our 3rd year we have had several return guests. This year, we had a gentleman who was photographed the first year and was so thrilled to have his images again, however; he had [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Frankfurt

"Help Portrait is getting bigger and bigger. Everyone enjoys Help Portrait and is very thankful and happy! Photographers, volunteers and models - everyone. It is amazing how a rather simple idea makes the world a better a place." -Daniela, Frankfurt

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H-P Story of the Day: San Diego

"Just had an absolutely incredible time giving away nearly 100 photographs to refugees, low-income housing folks and a plethora of other incredible souls … We need to do this more often than once a year." -Shaun Boyte, San Diego, CA, US

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H-P Story of the Day: North Bay, Ontario

Help-Portrait Ontario photographed nominated participants from Amelia Rising, a local sanctuary for victims of sexual assault. The director of the facility gave the group permission to share the letter (below) following their successful event. "The success of our event relied on personal hostesses who guided the participants, gave them confidence, were with them from beginning [...]

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H-P on ABC News: ‘Christmas Time Family Portraits’

In case you missed it, ABC World News Tonight aired a story on Help-Portrait on Christmas Eve, featuring Brooklyn and Nashville locations. You can see the full piece here: "Christmas Time Family Portraits" (ABC)

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H-P Story of the Day: Quad Cities

"A woman who, two months ago was homeless and pregnant, now she has a one month old baby boy and is living in a shelter and today showed her again how much God loves her and continues to come through for her." -Jesse Inskeep, Bettendorf, IA, US

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H-P Story of the Day: Orlando

"In 2009 when Help-Portrait started we fell in love with the location that we were shooting at which was the Women and Children's shelter in Orlando WRCC, since then the Miotto’s have been coming every other Thursday to teach the children from ages 4 to 16 years of age." -Misty Miotto, Orlando, FL, US Misty [...]

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H-P Story of the Day: Roanoke

At the Goodwill Industries of the Roanoke Valley Headquarters, photographers from the Exposure Roanoke Photography Club took photos of over 100 Goodwill workers for a Help-Portrait event. "We gave each of them an 8x10 and 6 other photos for their Happy Holidays .... One young man said, 'My Mommy will cry when she sees this [...]

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