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Guest Post: Nick Onken on the Season of Thanksgiving

In this guest post, New York City-based commercial photographer Nick Onken shares the value of giving back, and about a special Help-Portait Tibet edition. Welcome Nick by adding a comment to the post below!    How appropriate in seeing as we’re amidst the Thanksgiving holiday. I would say traveling the world, seeing and experiencing other [...]

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Help-Portrait Wristbands Now in the Store

This is a fun addition to the new apparel in the Help-Portrait store this year. These original Lens Bracelets designed by Adam Elmakias are made from durable black silicone with debossed red stripe and Help-Portrait Logo. It also comes in a black 50MM style. These bracelets were donated by Adam so all proceeds from your [...]

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2010 Annual Report

Have you ever wondered what we do with the funds raised from donations, merchandise profits, etc. We present to you our 2010 Annual Report: a detailed look at what we, as an organization, accomplished in 2010, as well as the details about our income and expenses. Our goal has always been authenticity and transparency. This [...]

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How Does Help-Portrait Help?

Artists have created self-portraits since the beginning of time. Historically, an artist's self-portrait has been known "as a public test of the artist's skill." A self-portrait, in artistic circles, could prove your worth. Not only that, but wealthiest members of society have always commissioned portraits of themselves and their family as a way to prove [...]

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Help-Portrait’s Jeremy Cowart in Paste Magazine

Paste magazine's Nick Purdy has a Q&A with Help-Portrait's founder, Jeremy Cowart. An excerpt: What’s new in your plans for this year? This will be our third annual event on Dec. 10, worldwide. Photographers, makeup artists, volunteers around the world will be getting together at various locations to give photos to people in need… the [...]

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Get the Widget!

Get the Countdown Creator Pro widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info) We've created a countdown widget for the 2011 Help-Portrait day. Embed it on your site by clicking here and copying the code. Can you believe it's less than 30 days away?

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