Aug 22

Meet Rachel!

Rachel is working as our new project coordinator and we’re so happy to have her on board. She’s going to be helping us oversee our merchandise, video and website work, plus much more. She’s a photographer and newlywed living in Franklin, TN. Here’s a little more about her.

Rachel Moore

Who I am: Hi there! I’m Rachel Moore, a photographer/ newly-wed / recent grad.

Where I live: Franklin, TN

What I do: I’m a photographer who shoots portraits, weddings and musicians.

What I like: the outdoors (kayaking/hiking/parks) cooking, my husband’s band The Apache Relay, zumba, chocolate, sweet potatoes and french toast. But not all at the same time.

Where I network: blogs, pinterest and old-school facebook

What I’m most like in the morning: My hair is in a granny-bun on top of my head, dorky glasses, and coffee that I pre-set the night before to brew right before I awake.

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Posted on Aug 22, 2011  |  Category: H-P Organizers  |  4 Comments
  • Jeremy Cowart Jeremy Cowart

    So excited to have you on board Rachel!!
    Jeremy Cowart | 22/08/2011 6:07 PM

  • Kaneo Biggs Kaneo Biggs

    nice wedding work Rachel, can't wait for the next Help Portrait event!!
    Kaneo Biggs | 22/08/2011 6:13 PM

  • Shauna Shauna

    Hey there. Congratulations on this new opportunity. Hope you're still available to do a photo shoot for Blake in October!!!
    Shauna | 22/08/2011 8:39 PM

  • Mary Clark Mary Clark

    Hi Rachel - welcome! So excited to hear you're taking on this new gig with help portrait. I'm a photographer as well and just moved to Franklin with my hubby. Please let me know if there is any way I could help out with help portrait (locally or globally).
    Mary Clark | 25/08/2011 12:45 PM