In the upcoming Live Below the Line Challenge (May 16-21), individuals will eat on $1.50 a day for five days to raise money for Global Poverty Project and its charity partners.

Help-Portrait’s Jeremy Cowart is spearheading a photography contest this month to conjunction with the campaign. He’s encouraging amateur and professional photographers to photograph a representation, or interpretation, of what living below the line looks like to them. He’ll jury the photos and curate 10 of them for a special exhibition in New York after the winners are announced May 27.

“I’m excited to see what this visually represents to photographers worldwide,” Jeremy Cowart said. “Living on $1.50 seems unimaginable to our society, so for photographers to show us what that looks like is huge. I hope this is just another small step in changing our cultural perspective and priorities.”

To participate, visit and upload your photo. Submissions are open until May 22.

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