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Blood:Water Mission Celebrates 1,000 Wells Project

Six hundred thousand Africans now have access to clean water thanks to Blood:Water Mission's seven-year project, which was celebrated in Nashville earlier this month. Launched in 2004, Blood:Water Mission's first goal and campaign was to create 1,000 water projects in communities across Sub-Saharan Africa. They celebrated that goal with a concert at Nashville's historic Ryman [...]

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Disaster in the U.S.: Ways to Respond

(Photo by David DeHetre of the storm cell that may have produced the Joplin tornado.) Our hearts go out to the hundreds of thousands of people who have been affected by this Spring's deadly tornadoes, storms and flooding that have affected central and the southern U.S. The 2011 U.S. tornado death toll has now reached [...]

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Sleeping at Last: More than Music

Sleeping At Last is an indie band with commercial cred. Having songs featured on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice," the duo Ryan O'Neal (voice, guitars, pianos) & Dan Perdue (bass, pianos) originally formed in 1998 in Wheaton, Ill., and built a following opening for bands like The Appleseed Cast and Switchfoot. They signed to Interscope [...]

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Photography Challenge: What Does It Mean to Live Below the Line?

In the upcoming Live Below the Line Challenge (May 16-21), individuals will eat on $1.50 a day for five days to raise money for Global Poverty Project and its charity partners. Help-Portrait's Jeremy Cowart is spearheading a photography contest this month to conjunction with the campaign. He's encouraging amateur and professional photographers to photograph a representation, [...]

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Jen May’s The World Through Our Eyes

Jen May Pastores (@jenmayzie) is a photographer from greater Los Angeles who has been a total rock star for Help-Portrait. Her team's efforts as Help-Portrait Los Angeles (@HelpPortraitLA | Facebook) have drawn national attention, thanks in part to celebrity friends who participated in the past two years' events. In this post, we share about another [...]

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