We’re happy to report that the 2nd annual Help-Portrait event, held on 04 December 2010, was another great success. Here are the official contribution numbers by our amazing and generous photography community:

  • 61,060 portraits given
  • 3954 photographers
  • 7766 volunteers
  • 46 Countries
  • 47 of 50 US states

All told, since 2009, the Help-Portrait community has given away 101,596 portraits to deserving people. Wow. The stories that could be told are amazing. In fact, we’ve got a handful of them that you should check out here.

Thanks again to you, the Help-Portrait community. This idea wouldn’t be anything without you.

Now, keep on, keeping on.

Posted on Apr 06, 2011  |  Category: Updates  |  3 Comments
  • Brian Carey Brian Carey

    ... including St John's Newfoundland Canada this year. Looking forward to it! :-)
    Brian Carey | 06/04/2011 11:00 AM

  • Eric Villa Eric Villa

    I can't wait to do this again. I am a professional photographer and hairstylist and plan on doing this type of thing throughout the year.
    Eric Villa | 06/04/2011 11:14 AM

  • Ron Manke Ron Manke

    How many provinces participated in Canada? :) I know we were pretty active in my province, so I'm really curious.
    Ron Manke | 07/04/2011 2:10 PM